3Kings Round Table Podcast Episode 3 #Thoughts And Prayers

Join hosts Archie Beasley (Beez), Mike Perdue and Joey Martin the partners of Toledo’s own “3 Kings Clothing!” On their 3rd episode of the Round Table Podcast crew opens up with an emotional rant from Beez on the occurrence of yet another mass shooting. Following this their in-studio guests Rich Nice/Nizzle & Listen from the group “Enjection,” are introduced. This leads to a discussion on hip-hop and how music has changed from various generations. They then get into their pop culture section, with a phone interview between Mike and the up and coming New Jersey rapper Sule. Following this Beez gets into the origin of Valentine’s Day, the rules to seeing the new Marvel movie Black Panther, and Mardi Gras. This leads to a hilarious confession from Joey. The group gets heated over “Who was the best James Bond?” Also, how momentous it would be if he were Black. On the sports side the groups discusses the Super Bowl results, the NBA All-Star Game and the “New Cav’s!” The group also sneaks in a shout-out to “Thots!” This prompts a “Hotel Story,” from Beez. On the political side the latest going-ons in the White House are discussed, with emphasis on Wall Street and “Stormy Daniels.” The group then announces the “Shirt of the Week” and lastly the “D. A. N of the Week!” Episode sponsored by 3Kings Clothing and The Full Circle Podcast Show.